Rhythm (or co-lead) Guitarist for Proggy Metal Band Wanted (Rotterdam)

Rhythm (or co-lead) Guitarist for Proggy Metal Band Wanted

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Are you an accomplished and innovative guitarist with a deep appreciation for odd time signatures and a strong rhythmic foundation? "Crimson and Gold," a dynamic progressive metal band located in the Rotterdam area, is in search of an exceptional rhythm guitarist to become an integral part of our creative journey.

Who We Are:

We try to achieve a distinctive sound, blending intricate compositions with a progressive metal edge.
Our focus lies in crafting original compositions while occasionally paying homage to timeless classics.
We are a close-knit group, driven by musical excellence, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of our craft.
Our inspiration: Tool, Karnivool, Opeth, A7X, and many more
Our age range is 25-35 years old

What We're Seeking:

An adept rhythm guitarist with a great understanding of odd time signatures and a flair for intricate rhythms.
A creative mind eager to contribute to our ongoing musical exploration.
Availability for Sunday rehearsals and a dedicated approach to collaborative work.
A sense of humour and a grounded perspective, valuing dedication to music over pretentiousness.
A proactive and goal oriented mentality are preferred

What We Offer:

Collaborate with a group of dedicated musicians, united in the pursuit of pushing the boundaries of our genre.
Be part of an environment that encourages creative expression and the continuous evolution of our sound.
Join a community of like-minded artists in the Rotterdam area, fostering a spirit of musical camaraderie and growth.
Have a listen to some demos we uploaded to Soundcloud for an idea of what we like to create

If you're ready to contribute your talent and passion to "Crimson and Gold," kindly reach out to us at crimsonandgoldband@gmail.com. Let's create music that resonates deeply and leaves an enduring impact. Join "Crimson and Gold" and become an essential part of our musical odyssey.

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