Session Singer for Recordings/Live Performances! (Den Haag)

Session Singer for Recordings/Live Performances!

In Zanger / Zangeres Zoekt Band in Den Haag (Zuid-Holland). Geplaatst door gebruiker JuliHope op 15-03-2024, 82 keer bekeken.

Hello there! My name is Julieta. I am a session singer with plenty of experience in recordings and performing live! from acoustic shows as a duo to playing with bands (rock bands, metal bands mostly). I sing pop, rock, metal, jazz and also enjoy singing classical music or musical comedy :)
In my youtube channel you will find lots of different covers (Led Zeppelin, Celine Dion, Floor Jansen, Within Temption, The Phantom of the Opera).
I am curretly living in Den Haag (Voorburg) I don't mind traveling as long as is not too far from here.
Feel free to send me an email to to discuss how we could achieve your goals together!
Musical regards, Juli.