Let’s jam together! (Utrecht)

Let’s jam together!

In Zanger / Zangeres Zoekt Band in Utrecht (Utrecht). Geplaatst door gebruiker Catharina Maharani op 01-08-2023, 151 keer bekeken.


I’m Indonesian living in Utrecht, i really loves to sing and usually i will take a chance to sing in every events that i can join.

Therefore, i don’t want to stop there. A friend gave me an idea to broaden my horizon. So, i’m here to look for opportunities.

I used to sing in a band, choir, solo, and even acapella. If you are interested in me, you can reach me out and we can try to jam together to see if my voice is your type or not.

Thank you!

Leeftijdscategorie: 20 tot 30 jaar

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