Looking for Singer/Guitarist for playing acoustic folk styles (Leiden)

Looking for Singer/Guitarist for playing acoustic folk styles

In Zanger / Zangeres Gezocht in Leiden (Zuid-Holland). Geplaatst door gebruiker Bleys op 21-11-2023, 45 keer bekeken.

Hi my name is Bleys, i am 32 years old originally from Scotland, and playing acoustic guitar and singing.
I am looking for someone/people to play acoustic folk style music with, i love doing finger-picking playing, singing vocal harmonies and things like that.

I quite like folk styles that are a bit darker/sadder though am open to anything really. Im influenced by guys like John Martyn, Elliot Smith, Nick Drake, and a lot of the newer folk musicians coming out, as well as celtic traditional music.

I write a lot of music and love collaborating on ideas, though i also really enjoy working out covers of songs/playing traditional songs.

Just give me a message if you are interested in perhaps meeting to play and seeing if our styles click.

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