60's-inspired psychedelic liedjes/album te maken (Nieuwegein)

60's-inspired psychedelic liedjes/album te maken

In Toetsenist Gezocht in Nieuwegein (Utrecht). Geplaatst door gebruiker j-smith op 12-06-2024, 52 keer bekeken.

Hoi, ik ben James, een 45 j/o Britse man. Ik woon in provincie Utrecht en ben op zoek naar een gitarist/toetsenist om jaren 60 psychedelische muziek te maken. Ik kan Nederlands praten/schrijven, maar voor de makkelijkheid (en duidelijkheid!) schrijf ik de rest van de advertensie in Engels.

I play guitar and a little keyboard too and would like to work with another like-minded person(s) to write and record music. Bands/influences from 60's include the Beatles, Pink Floyd (Syd Barrett era), Doors, Love, etc. and more modern equivalents like the Olivia Tremor Control, Super Furry Animals and Mystery Lights.

I am looking for someone who likes to experiment and play with sounds, but within the construct of a song; I would also like to experiment with longer-form song structures too.

Commitment is fairly low due to time availability but would like to have in-person jam/writing sessions, and recording can be done via internet/in-person. Maybe also suited for someone looking for a side project.

I am currently working on 10-15 songs (at different stages of completion - none complete!), you can hear some examples on my Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mag-netron

Let me know if interested.