Looking for English speaking musicians/singers/producers (Rotterdam)

Looking for English speaking musicians/singers/producers

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Hoi, ik ben Théo en ik kom uit Parijs. Ik ben vorig jaar naar Rotterdam verhuisd, en ik zoek andere muzikale creatievelingen in (of rond) Rotterdam.

I've been making music for most of my life, and met most of my best friends through my musical endeavours. However since I moved to Rotterdam last year, I haven't really had the opportunity to meet a lot of musically creative people in my daily life, so I'm trying my luck online.

I'm looking for other musicians/singers/rappers/producers/etc... to meet up for a drink and potentially collaborate on musical projects. I'm linking one of my songs here to give you an idea of my style, but I'm definitely open to all sorts of different genres. You can find my music on most streaming platforms under the artist name Circuit Court.

If you're based somewhere around Rotterdam, send me a DM on Instagram (@circuitcourtmusic)!

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A completely home produced single I released last year

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