Producer/Guitarist looking for collaborator (Delft)

Producer/Guitarist looking for collaborator

In Producer Zoekt Band in Delft (Zuid-Holland). Geplaatst door gebruiker Fabi op 21-01-2024, 49 keer bekeken.

Hi there!

my name is Fabian, 30, and I recently started producing music. So far it has been guitar based (metal/punk) drum and bass. Previously I was in a folk duo (I play the guitar, my friend was singing), called Bootmen Ramble:

I'm looking for 2 things:

1) someone to collaborate on DnB songs with. Here we could meet up and produce together, or just send them back and forth.

2) someone to start a creative project with. This could be folk, electronic, or instrumental. I'm very open to suggestions, as long as we can agree on a concept and work on it with some commitment.

Having said that, I have recording equipment, so we can record and mix ourselves.