Pop-punk / emo / rock - guitarist or drummer (Amsterdam)

Pop-punk / emo / rock - guitarist or drummer

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Hi, I've recently moved to Amsterdam and looking for a band. Mainly I play guitar, but also can play drums (haven't played 12 years or so, but suppose can quickly gain the skill back). I'm 34 y.o. if it matters to you.

I'm interested in playing:
- pop-punk - like Man Overboard, Gold Route, No Pressure
- punk / emo - like Osker, Lawrence arms, Iron Chic, Say Anything
- post-hardcore - like Funeral for a friend
- could be also fast melodical punk - like Forus, Rufio

those are my main preferences, but I'm open to other genres as well.

I played several shows (~5-6) with my previous pop-punk band called Runtable. Also, I occasionally record music remotely with the same guys in metal band called Verdath. You can find both in any streaming service (e.g. spotify).

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