Pop Rock/ Pop/ Electronic (Rotterdam)

Pop Rock/ Pop/ Electronic

In Drummer Zoekt Band in Rotterdam (Zuid-Holland). Geplaatst door gebruiker Daniel Roky op 09-06-2024, 48 keer bekeken.

Hello to the world of music!
My name is Daniel, I’m 28 years old, and I have years of experience from hundreds of concerts as a drummer in a pop-rock band in the Czech Republic. With my former band Liwid, I performed on the big stages of festivals like Rock for People, Votvírák, Vysočina Fest, and more. I also played as a supporting act for world-class bands at festivals and went on summer tours with Czech legends like Divokej Bill. After the unfortunate end of the band, I moved to Rotterdam, where I’m now looking for a new band. I see myself in a band that creates original music in the pop/pop-rock or any electronic style, that has a goal and gives it their all. I’m not making a living from music at the moment, but I’m willing to dedicate 100% of my free time to this hobby. I live a bohemian lifestyle, I’m easygoing, and I fit well into any social setting. I love beer, music, and friends, I’m responsible, I have a driver’s license, I play a bit of guitar, and unfortunately, I only speak English for now, but I plan to learn Dutch ????. I have Tama drums, I’m used to playing with a metronome, and I have a sample pad, so adding samples or enriching the music with electronic sounds is no problem. I also have a plexiglass shield and my own in-ear monitor system, so it’s not too loud on stage and the singer won’t complain about sound bleeding into the microphone. :D
I play forcefully and simply, I’m happy to share all my experiences, and I’m willing to invest in my drums to meet the band’s needs.
I look forward to your offers!
I’m happy to provide any additional information,

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