Drummer searching a band (Drachten)

Drummer searching a band

In Drummer Zoekt Band in Drachten (Friesland). Geplaatst door gebruiker Anatolii op 01-08-2023, 78 keer bekeken.

I am a Ukrainian drummer with over 10 years of experience playing the drum kit. Throughout my musical journey, I have been actively involved in various bands, primarily focusing on heavy experimental music. However, for the past 6 years, I shifted my focus towards sculpting. Now, I am eager to rekindle my passion for drumming, and I have my instrument back in Ukraine, which I can bring to the Netherlands if needed.

Currently residing in the Drachten, I am living alongside Ukrainian refugees. I have good expiriance of performing on various stages, and recording in studios.
While my musical tastes are diverse, lately, I have been particularly drawn to bands like Hidden Orchestra, Portico Quartet, and GoGo Penguin. I find inspiration in their music, and it fuels my desire to dive back into the music scene. Initially, I am looking to pursue drumming as a hobby again, but if all goes well, I am open to dedicating even more time to this passion.

I am excited about the prospect of making music once more, and I am eager to connect with like-minded musicians in the Netherlands for unforgettable performances and collaborative projects. Let's create captivating musical experiences together!

the style isn't exactly what I like but this is the best quality video I have as an example)

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