VOCALIST. Looking for a band (Amsterdam)

VOCALIST. Looking for a band

In Zanger / Zangeres Zoekt Band in Amsterdam (Noord-Holland). Geplaatst door gebruiker Olga op 22-05-2024, 92 keer bekeken.


I'm a vocalist. I am 31 years old.
I've been doing vocals for 15 years now.
I am Ukrainian, but I have been living in Holland for more than two years and I practice vocals here almost every day for 2 hours a day.

In Ukraine, I was the vocalist of such bands as TKN (Thin Red Thread) and MALAYA. I used to sing exclusively in metal music, but now I sing in any genre.

You can listen to my vocals at the link below (the group in telegram):

Also Instagram for communication:

I would like to consider any suggestions you have, so I'm not writing about any particular genre of music.
I'm really looking forward to your feedback!