Singer is looking for a band/ band members (Amsterdam)

Singer is looking for a band/ band members

In Zanger / Zangeres Zoekt Band in Amsterdam (Noord-Holland). Geplaatst door gebruiker LuRu op 12-05-2024, 64 keer bekeken.

I am a young German artist (19 years old) who is looking for a band/band members around around Amsterdam.
A bit about me:
I study in Amsterdam at the moment and have been into singing since my childhood and I also started writing my own songs on the ukulele (which you can find on Spotify through the link below (if it does not work try to look up „not okay“ by LuRu)). I wanted to join/form a band since forever and I am very open to also going into different genres than the songs I have performed so far, so whatever genre/ instrument you play, please feel free to reach out to me :).
Regarding the age it’s also okay if you are older than 20, it was just as an orientation.

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