Singer Indie Pop (m/f) (Amsterdam)

Singer Indie Pop (m/f)

In Zanger / Zangeres Gezocht in Amsterdam (Noord-Holland). Geplaatst door gebruiker TheCheapShades op 22-04-2024, 39 keer bekeken.

I am a producer (30 years old) looking for a singer to record music with. Genre Indie Pop/Synth Pop. My music is heavily influenced by Indie, Pop, Hip Hop and Electronic music. My favorite artist are AIR, Tame Impala, Chic, and old RHCP (BSSM, Californication), Dr. Dre, Daft Punk. I also love pop such as Dua Lipa. I try to combine these influences.

I have a lot of songs that are finished and only need vocals. I write lyrics and melodies myself too, but I can't sing. I also want to write new music with you and am always open to new ideas.

My goal is to mainly record and release music, and play live. I am looking for someone who's really passionate about music and wants to become an international artist. I will do anything to make our music a success and promote you as an artist.

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