Bassist seeks Math Rock enthusiasts (Amsterdam)

Bassist seeks Math Rock enthusiasts

In Bassist Zoekt Band in Amsterdam (Noord-Holland). Geplaatst door gebruiker Ko Zegwaard op 02-03-2024, 51 keer bekeken.


my name is Ko and I would like to form or join an instrumental math rock band.

Post rock or progressive rock influenced but not soundscapes, I like pieces with a beginning and an end. I have a jazz background and would also welcome improvisation (from the other musicians ;).

Most math rock is electric guitar, bass and drums but PLEASE do not hesitate to respond if you play the trumpet, organ, recorder, banjo or WHATEVER as long as you like experimenting and seeking the boundaries of INSTRUMENTAL music!

I also play and have the double bass (electric bass is my 2nd instrument really).

What is he talking about; well, give these bands a listen:

-Quarles van Ufford
-Don Caballero
-Sleeping People (the instrumental one)
-Turing Machine
-We vs Death
-Sinca Beza
-Get the Blessing

I'd like to include some more recent bands but, there are so few so WE have an important quest to put math rock (from the NL) back on the map!

Willing to travel some but am looking in the Amsterdam-Haarlem-Alkmaar triangle. Hope to hear from you.