Gebruiker: sara.macaca


1e instrument: Gitaar
2e instrument:


I am Sara, 33 years old. Self taught, I play guitar, mostly acoustic, for fun and to relax. I am not really into perfoming in front of other people, but I would like to start jamming with others to see what is possible to create! I own guitars and basses, both electric and acoustic. I use Cubase to record. I tried to put a couple of "songs" together but I find there is something missing. I would like to be more productive/conclusive from this point of view. Plus, it would be nice to discover my music identity.
I enjoy a lot certain pop sounding music, new wave, bossanova, black metal, trance, songwriters, electro, triphop...
I am not really into classic rock or metal, nor hiphop or anything radio nowadays bomb us with.