Gebruiker: Ricardo Falcon


1e instrument: Gitaar
2e instrument: Basgitaar


I´m Ricardo Falcon and it´s an enormous pleasure to be in touch with you here, believe.

My history? difficult to tell in such short lines. I´m a guitarist for 19 years, endorsed by ESP Guitars&Basses; and EMG Pickups, specialised in luthiery, audio engineering and music production, currently living in Amsterdam because I´m the guitarist and bassist of Sinister. Nevertheless, the great truth is that although I love music at all and that it makes part of my life´s essence, what makes my heart pulsate is giving lessons. it´s very pleasant to see my students learning, improving, overcoming their own fears and challenges.

The life of a musician isn´t easy and mine wasn´t too. I´m a fighter, a dreamer, many times defeated, but never with my head low, always moving forward, dreaming with a better future in the music. Through my paths I played over 22 countries with my former band itSELF and I gave lessons in Brazil, Spain and Poland besides loving to give lessons through Skype and having contacts with students fro