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I see music as a part of life - not as a 4th hobby where you think of it but dont have time for it. I try to live with it everyday, try to write/compose now and then. And there is no formula to make something big within a time frame, so patience and tolerance are the best friends there to survive the depressed times.

I am interested to work with someone - who has passion to do music, doesnt has to be a perfectionist, but still has a sense of music & melody. Genre - doesnt matter - from Adele to U2, as soon as something can be brought out which we find satisfactory from our point of view. My preference indie/Alternative.

My stance - I can play guitar, write song structure, arrange, mix and master in home studio. Experience for more than 10 years.

To give a little example of my playing - .. But this doesnt say I am limited with this notes/riffs/type of playing only. Its just an example of my 5 mins behind my guitar.

I am 30 of age.

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