Running West is looking for a bass player! (Amsterdam)

Running West is looking for a bass player!

In Bassist Gezocht in Amsterdam (Noord-Holland). Geplaatst door gebruiker you too op 19-01-2024, 175 keer bekeken.

We, Running West, are making a comeback!

Edgy guitars;
Thumping rhythms;
Melodies that stick in your head.

RUNNING WEST is a modern rock band from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Influenced by rock n roll, grunge, punk and electronic music, the band writes and performs energetic songs that make you sing and move.

We have an awesome singer, original guitar player, energetic drummer and best best keys in town! We intend to play around 10 songs of our original set, and complement that with new songs.

Now we are looking for YOU!

We don't care about age. We don't care about gender.

Like what you hear? Please reach out and meet us!